Source: ©Go Vilnius. Laimonas Ciunys, Gediminas Tower

Vilnius is an outstanding example of a medieval foundation which exercised a profound influence on architectural and cultural developments in a wide area of Eastern Europe over several centuries.

Life in Vilnius is simple and easy to manage, guaranteeing not only a great work-life balance but also affordable quality of life.

The legend of Vilnius

Today Vilnius is 699 years old. Legend has it that the city started with a dream Grand Duke Gediminas had on a hunting trip. In his dream, Gediminas saw a huge iron wolf standing on a hill howling as if hundreds of wolves were trapped inside it. When the Grand Duke consulted the court magician Lizdeika, he was told that the wolf was a symbol of a great capital that would one day stand atop that hill. By 1323, Gediminas was already sending letters to European cities inviting merchants and craftspeople to visit the city.

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